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Grassrings green paving available from NovaPlas

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The Grassrings green paving alternative, available from NovaPlas , for parking consists of a plastic injection moulded module of 500mm square. This product once installed supports vehicular traffic while allowing the grass to grow naturally.

Turf reinforcement has 90% root development area and is flexible, allowing the product to follow undulations on the ground. It is simple and quick to lay. Grassrings green paving manufactured by Novaplas is also being regularly installed in pumping stations for vehicle access to services that are adjoining public open spaces.

The turf reinforcement system can withstand heavy and low volume traffic. It can be also utilised as an emergency access lane as an alternative to non-environmentally friendly hardstand materials.

Grassrings trafficable turf system is a series of plastic rings that prevent the compaction of critical root zone in turf. The vehicles’ weight is transferred through the Grassrings to the sub-base below while also preventing ruts.

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