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DuPont and petroferm cleaning agents from Novaline

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Solvents including petroferm cleaning agents, DuPont specialty fluids and 3M engineered fluids are available from Novaline . DuPont Vertrel specialty fluids are a type of hydrofluorocarbon based solvents available from Novaline.

These solvents are environment friendly with low global warming potential and zero ozone depletion and are suitable for use in vapour degreasing equipment for rinsing, cleaning, carrier-fluid and drying applications. The DuPont cleaning agents from Novaline have low boiling points and better solvent retention properties for effective soil removal and wetting purposes.

Vertrel MCA cleaning agents are available as well from Novaline. These cleaning agents from Novaline are suitable for medium to heavy duty precision cleaning applications and light soil removal from solvent sensitive substrates as well.

Petroferm cleaning agents are also available from Novaline. These cleaning agents are used for a variety of cleaning processes including aqueous, vapour degreasing and non-aqueous. Axarel, Lenium and Bioact cleaning agents are provided by Novaline.

The Axarel cleaning agents consist of aqueous and manual deflexers and misprint cleaning agents. 3M engineered fluids commonly used in applications such as cleaning, heat transfer and lubricant deposition to name a few are available from Novaline.

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