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Brought to you by Norts and Ones , Taiyo Yuden DVDs and CDs are reputed to be the best Optical Media on the International market.

These high quality Blank DVDs and CDs from Taiyo Yuden are made in Japan under the tightest quality control conditions.

When it comes to data integrity and data retention, there is no better choice of Blank DVD and CD media than that of Taiyo Yuden. With a product range that offers White Inkjet in both normal and hub printable as well as Silver Thermal, Taiyo Yuden has a product that will meet and exceed your data backup needs. TAIYO YUDEN entered the optical media business in 1988 with the development of CD-R, and today, continue to be at the forefront of Blank Media Technology.


* Dye design for high-speed recording

* Wide jitter margin with precision thermal interference control

* Stability at high speed rotation with improved mechanical characteristics

* Superior playability

* Superior reliability

Line up includes

* DVDR 8x Inkjet Printable, Full Screen and Normal

* DVDR 8x & 16x Silver Thermal

* CDR 1-40x Silver Thermal Printable

* CDR 2-52x Silver Thermal

* CDR 2-52x Inkjet Printable

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