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Portable Ladder Bracket from NQ Fasteners & Lifting

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Even an unexpected gust of wind or a small shift in weight can cause a used ladder to slip sideways from a roof, causing considerable injury to the user or the property the ladder falls on.

The Portable Ladder Bracket fits directly to the ladder and is constructed from lightweight aluminium as a mobile solution for ladder safety. The Portable Ladder Bracket can be left attached to the ladder or is easily removed.

The ladder is provided a stable base that rests on the roof surface, so the ladder will not scratch or deform the gutter.

Work safely at heights by getting the right equipment and training to save oneself from fall injuries. Do not risk serious injury or the life of an employee or oneself by ignoring Occupational Health and Safety requirements to provide a safe work place.

Ladder height safety solutions are also available to help the home handy man.

NQ Fasteners & Lifting  is a supplier of Safety Anchors products such as Safety Anchor Systems which include anchor products for fixing to metal roof/steel purlin, /timber structures and concrete, Vertic Horizontal Lifeline, Verticlink – Vertical Lifeline Systems, Premium Aluminium Roof Walkway and Access Ladder Systems, VAS – Vehicle Access Systems, Altrac Horizontal Liferail, Temporary Roof Anchors and Portable Ladder Brackets.

NQ Fasteners & Lifting also supply Safety Nets, Harnesses, Lanyards, Height Safety Kits, Fall Arrestors and associated products and Confined Spaces Equipment.

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