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TecsPak thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems available from Norman G Clark

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For over two decades, Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) have supplied the global marketplace with TecsPak thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems. TecsPak, available from Norman G Clark , is a proprietary elastomer system used in applications where the energy of motion (kinetic and potential) needs to be controlled.

Markets served by TecsPak are trucking, mining, construction, military, agricultural equipment, packaging equipment and energy management/shock absorption applications. TecsPak equipped products last long than products made of rubber (x10 more durable), urethane (x20 more durable), or steel. TecsPak made product can operate under a wide temperature range. TecsPak is relatively inert and resists exposure to dust, oils, hydraulic fluids, and gasoline.

Miner Elastomer Products have a large selection of TecsPak haul truck complete suspension struts and replacement suspension packs (RMC). TecsPak suspension packages are designed to handle severe loads in all environments. TecsPak suspensions are virtually maintenance free, they have no gas or oil to monitor. TecsPak suspension reduces truck down-time due to maintenance or strut failure, ride height adjustment, tirewear and frame weldment breakage due to over loading.

TecsPak haul truck suspensions have the following four different TecsPak suspension configurations:

  • Dual rate with load weigh
  • Dual rate - not load weigh capable
  • Standard with load weigh
  • Standard - not load weigh capable

Following are the availability status of the haul truck suspensions:

  • Komatsu 830E - available
  • Cat 793 - available
  • Cat 785 - under development
  • Dresser 330M - available
  • Cat 789, 777 - scheduled for development

TecsPak suspensions were developed as an alternative to nitrogen/oil, with equal performance in both loaded and unloaded condition. Following are the advantages of TecsPak suspensions:

  • No oil to leak
  • No nitrogen to recharge
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased productivity
  • Load - weigh capable
  • Lower operating cost

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