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Horton WindMaster range of fans for heavy-duty applications available from Norman G Clark

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WindMaster fans, available from Norman G Clark , are designed to meet high performance standards of today’s diesel engines. The design moves more air while drawing less horsepower. The WindMaster’s airfoil and blade design can increase airflow by 15%, draw 20% less horsepower and maintain blade shape at high RPMs. That means maximum cooling performance, easy starts, less wear on the fan and better fuel economy.

The 9 blade fan honeycomb hub structure and the 11 blade honeycomb mounting pilot provide durability without extra weight. With 22" to 34" diameters, and eight, nine or eleven blade options, these fans are suitable for heavy-duty applications. Whether installed at an OEM, or retrofitted into an existing engine, the WindMaster fans are designed to help demanding diesel engines to keep their cool.

There are a variety of models available within the Horton range. Plastic standard fans use a glass-filled nylon blade design that incorporates a new manufacturing process allowing a variety of pilots and bolt circles. These fans have options of 16” to 34” diameters and 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 blades are available.

Plastic standard fans have the following benefits:

  • Increased airflow
  • Better efficiency
  • Decreased noise
  • Light weight
  • High durability
  • Less wear on engine and fan components

Horton plastic HS11 standard fans are available with 11 blades and feature 28” to 34” diameters together with 2” to 7.1” standard pilots, and a pitch width of 3.70”.

Horton plastic HS9 standard fans come with 24” to 32” diameters and have the 9 blade option. The plastic HS9 standard fans feature standard pilots of 2” to 5” and a pitch width of 3.15” to 3.59”.

Horton WindMaster plastic ring fans were developed to deliver high cooling performance at lower fan speeds, and with the added benefit of improving fuel economy.

The ringed design reduces fan tip turbulence. Enclosing the fan blade circumference enhances cooling, and results in quieter operation. Manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced, heat-stabilised plastic materials, WindMaster plastic ring fans are capable of retaining their strength at high operating temperatures.

With 27.5” and 29.5” diameters available on the 9 blade option and standard pilots of 5” and 7” these plastic ring fans are used in heavy-medium and light-duty truck, bus and off-highway applications.WindMaster composite standard fans feature plastic fan blades attached to metal spiders, giving two distinct advantages. Users get a metal fan’s capability to twist the fan blade angle, together with the light weight and added efficiency of a plastic fan.

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