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Rotating Unions are used in many manufacturing processes to cool, heat or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power. Typical rotating unions feature deep groove ball bearings to support the rotating component against the stationary component and balanced, precision-engineered mechanical seals to seal the media flow. Deublin rotating unions vary for each application, depending on design, bearing type, construction and material required.

Rotary unions for a wide range of manufacturing and industrial applications
Rotary unions must accommodate a broad range of materials, viscosities, temperatures, pressures and speeds. That’s why the Deublin rotary union product line offers over 500 standard rotary unions, over 3,000 separate models, and more than 6,000 individual components to handle them. Some of the types of Deublin Rotating Unions provided include:
  • Air-Hydraulic
  • Air-Hydraulic-Coolant
  • Brake Fluid 
  • Coolant 
  • Cutting Oil 
  • General Purpose
  • High Pressure High Speed
  • Hot Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Steam
  • Vacuum
  • Water
HPS Series For High Pressure Steam Service In Corrugators
  • To achieve maximum heat transfer to the surface of the roll, the condensate from inside the roll must be evacuated.
  •  Corrugating machines use stationary or rotating siphons to evacuate condensate. A large majority of siphon systems used in corrugating operations employ stationary siphons.
  •  Maintaining minimal clearance between the siphon and the surface of the roll and its orientation in the vertical, downward position requires a rigid siphon support system. This configuration is available in all Deublin steam joint and stationary siphon systems.
  •  Various stages of condensate behavior are shown below. As machine speeds increase, the condensate eventually transitions to a rimming condition. Maximum heat transfer is achieved by maintaining a minimum condensate layer thickness.
Key considerations for corrugating efficiency include siphon size, minimal and stable clearance between the siphon pipe and the roll, and maintaining the siphon in the vertical, downward position. Finally, the siphon system must withstand machine vibration without compromising the siphon clearance.

Features include:
  • Monoflow and duoflow design
  • Self-supported rotating union
  • Seals and bearings made of special Carbon Graphite
  • Convex seal ring better suited to handle mechanical and thermal shock
  • External mechanism to adjust siphon pipe through end cap
  • Nickel-plated front and rear end cap
  • Nickel-plated ductile iron housing
  • Stainless steel spring » heavy duty steel rotor design
  • Dual bearings for extended service life
Steam Joints
Deublin has pioneered the application of Stationary Siphons on high-speed machines. Today, there are over 15,000 successful installations and Deublin has become the system of choice with many of world’s most productive and efficient papermakers. The Deublin FSU/Deltasint Stationary Siphon provides the following advantages:
  • Reduction of differential pressure
  • Reduction of blow through steam
  • Elimination of dryer flooding
  • No moving parts
  • Rigid mechanical mounting
  • Hydro-planing Siphon pick-up Shoe design

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