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The Optical Remote Sensing Technology from Norditech has benefited from numerous technological advancements making it highly accurate, reliable and more affordable. Norditech offers a wide selection of Optical Remote Sensing ideal for a broad range of applications.

Easily cater for a wide range of applications

  • Track aerosol pollutants, dusts and fugitive gases in ambient air
  • Norditech’s Optical Remote Sensing solutions provide real time data, and alarms can be integrated in existing control systems
Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for gas monitoring
  • The Spectra Open Path Gas Monitor is a lightweight and portable open path gas monitor featuring an extreme shock and vibration resistant enclosure
  • The Spectra-1 Extractive Gas Monitor uses closed path internal multi-pass sampling cells instead of an open path configuration to calculate gas concentrations 
  • The Spectra-1 Multi  Channel Gas Monitors feature remote laser transceivers with stainless steel enclosures and are used for the individual path monitors
  • Applications include; aluminium manufacturing, fertilizer production, confined feeding operations, cold storage, environmental monitoring, greenhouse gas reduction programs, landfill operations
Micro Pulse Lidar for continuous monitoring of atmospheric optical properties
  • The Sigma MPL is a sophisticated laser remote sensing system which provides continuous, unattended monitoring of cloud and aerosol profiles in the atmosphere. The data is used to generate atmospheric optical properties in real time
  • The innovative Mini MPL is the first Lidar to feature all the electronics integrated with optics in one single box making it ideal for fast field deployment
  • Applications for both the MPL and Mini MPL include; cloud structure and phase, vertical aerosol distribution and trends, air pollution monitoring, plume and dust tracking, planetary boundary layer, volcanic ash observation
The impressive range of Optical Remote Sensing technologies provides the ideal solution to tracking aerosol pollutants, dusts and fugitive gases in ambient air. Norditech Pty Ltd information and contact details

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