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Enhanced production and operation, Norditech delivers intelligent Engine Gas Monitoring for lower emissions, increased flexibility and refined metrology.

Accurate measurements of highly concentrated heavy hydrocarbons with Heated THC Analyser GRAPHITE 52M
  • Ultra short response times for heat furnaces of up to 191˚C
  • Interactive menu and improved speed on pristine LCD display    
  • Intelligent real time calibration graph with comprehensive 2 months 1/4h average data storage
High performance Heated NOx Analyzer TOPAZE 32M for temperature controlled up to 140˚C
  • Reduced quench effects with chamber under vacuum reading
  • Simultaneous 2 channel monitoring with TOPAZE 32M-W
  • User controlled adjustable averaging and response time
Efficient less than 2 second short time response CO and Oxygen Analyser MIR 2M
  • Enhanced with non dispersive Infra Red Gas Correlation Filter (IR GFC) principle
  • Integrated remote control with double serial interface and Ethernet connection
  • Accurate real time calibration graph with clear LCD display
  • Effective AK Protocol via LAN
Rapid response time Heated Ammonia Analyser Beryl 92M
  • Fast speed less than 2 second response time with UV Frontier for high selectivity and stability
  • Internal converter free for low ongoing maintenance commitments
  • Lamp longevity with up to 1 year of continuous use and 190˚ heated chamber
  • Comprehensive features with efficient DSP processor, multiple language software and touch screen
Turnkey Multigas Cabinets EGAS 2M and MICA 2M
  • EGAS 2M: Intelligent Sample Handling System with integrated pump and particle filters to condition exhaust gas for testing.
  • MICA 2M: Revolutionary single analysis cabinet recognising 1 or 2 independent streams  of THC, NH3, NO2, NO, NOx, CO, CO2 and O2.
Offering comprehensive solutions for a variety of Turnkey Gas Analysis, Sampling Systems and FTIR Cabinets for Multigas Measurements
  • Mini-cabinet for DeNOx: Continuous, quick and simultaneous measurements of NH3 and NOx to control excess emissions.
  • Quick Lock™ heat lock sample filter system: Innovative self regulated cooling with incorporated heated line and particle filter.
  • EGAS FTIR-ER2000S: Precise raw or dilute gas analysis offering continuous pressure and cell flow.
Reliable and accurate results, a variety of Norditech’s comprehensive range of Engine Gas Monitoring solutions are EN 12619, EN13526 standard compliant as well as recognised with Euro V, VI and EEM certification. Norditech Pty Ltd information and contact details

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