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Controlled monitoring and processes, quality Emissions Monitoring ensures your operation maintain optimal conditions at all times even in the toughest of environments.

Providing high performance and quality solutions Norditech’s comprehensive range of continuous particulate and gas analysers delivers the control and information needed for a variety of applications.

TUV Rheinland certified Long Term Dioxin and Furan Sampling System AMESA
  • Long term sampling system for dioxins with enhanced cooled-probe modification
  • Self isokinetic sampling from 6 hours to 6 weeks for convenience
US EPA and MATS standard AMESA-M Sorbent Trap Mercury Monitoring System
  • Completely automated, long term sampling with sampling spans from 15 minutes to 4 weeks
  • Accurate moisture determination and dry gas meter to evaluate sample volume
High performance Multigas Stationary Monitoring Systems
  • SEC Probe: Permeation based drying solution with double stage filtration for retention of soluble gases
  • MDS: Air management solution producing reduced dew point for greater filtration and quality for metrological testing
  • GRAPHITE 52M: High quality measurements of concentrated heavy hydrocarbons of up to 191˚C
  • MIR 9000: Innovative infra-red GFC with Chemiluminescence option for multiple gas analysis
  • SAM32 E: Intelligent multi-parameter data acquisition module for a variety of signals
Reliable Dilution Based Stationary Monitoring System
  • CO12M: Compact low level monitoring from 50 ppb to 200ppm infra red GFC CO analyser
  • AF22M: Dependable metrology performance, UV fluorescence SO2 analyser with data logging capability
Powerful Incineration Sampling Systems and Analysers
  • MIR IS: Internal sampling system, single analyser for multiples gases
  • Sonde HOFI: Low maintenance gas sampling unit for use in conjunction with heated analysers
Intelligent Emission Monitoring solutions from Norditech also includes:
  • Stack Flow Meter DTP701: Accurate Pitot tube and sensors for measuring velocity and flow
  • Portable or Transportable Monitoring GRAPHITE 52M: High performance EN 12619 AND 13 526 compliant Mobile heated FID volatile organic compounds analyser
  • Particulate Monitors BETA 5M: Continuous quality isokinetic particulate emission sampling via Beta ray attenuation
  • Data Acquisition and Data Management Software WEX and WINSCAN: Revolutionary software for emissions monitoring and reporting
  • Combustion MIR IS LCPD: Enhanced with sample probe technology for automated large combustion plant measuring
Developing customised solutions to suit your project Norditech’s Emission Monitoring Solutions also include Process Control, Cement Plant and Glass Works that help your operation adhere to stringent regulations. Norditech Pty Ltd information and contact details

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