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NORD releases drives for greater servo dynamics and precision

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article image Highly dynamic, coordinated drives with built-in intelligence manage complex handling assignments

Standard asynchronous motors providing IE2 or IE3 efficiency, and permanent magnet IE4 synchronous motors can deliver servo level dynamics and agility when teamed with advanced inverter electronics for smart control functionality.

Utilising state-of-the-art frequency inverters for motor mounting, wall mounting or cabinet installation, German drive expert NORD Drivesystems implements highly precise positioning tasks, safety applications, and sophisticated functions such as synchronisation, coordinated multi-axis operation, winding control, and flying shear.

Users can achieve cost benefits on these systems over conventional servo technology solutions; additionally, the larger variety of available system components including a very versatile gear program allows for a wide range of custom-specific configurations.

NORD’s frequency inverters feature a real-time microprocessor with a cycle time of 10 ms, and support free programming of drive-related functions according to IEC 61131 to relieve the workload of external PLCs. An overload reserve capacity of 200% ensures high operating safety, for instance, in crane and hoist systems.

Employing field-oriented control technology, these controllers achieve excellent consistency under flexible loads and from near standstill up to the motor’s rated speed, even without an encoder. The drives provide high starting torques, and speed feedback can also be implemented.

NORD’s top-of-the-range frequency inverter SK 540E from the control cabinet line integrates a universal encoder interface for SSI, BISS, EnDat profile 2.1, and Hiperface. NORD’s line-up of distributed inverter technology covers the performance range up to 22 kW, while cabinet devices range up to 160 kW.

NORD Drivesystems provides full-scale mechatronic drives, manufacturing geared motors and electronics units and programming logic functions in-house.

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