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New NORD SMI series worm gear units - compact, durable and robust

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article image Worm gear unit from the new SMI series

NORD Drivesystems  introduces a new range of worm gear units in a robust, one-piece Unicase housing.

Available in five sizes with a maximum torque of 427 Nm, the new SMI series worm gears feature larger output bearings that allow users to choose increased shaft diameters than previously available. The large bearings also deliver an extended service life.

The aluminium permanent mould casting process was optimised for the SMI series for an especially smooth surface to prevent dirt build-up. Closed SMI worm gear versions are washdown-capable, and can be easily cleaned along with other systems during plant cleaning processes. The SMI series is also available with NORD’s NSD tupH surface conversion treatment that can transform their durability with up to seven times the hardness of the base aluminium material, providing excellent protection against acids and alkaline solutions.

A synthetic long life lubricant makes the worm gears maintenance-free during their entire service life. Equipped with oil gauge screws, the gear units are now also suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Key features of the SMI series worm gears:

  • Provides transmission ratios between i=5:1 and i=3000:1
  • Modular design allows easy configuration according to application requirements
  • SI series modular worm gear unit program is flange-compatible to the SMI series and allows versatile configuration
  • Several standard IEC interfaces (B5/B14) available for every gear unit size
  • Can be foot- or flange-mounted and equipped with solid or hollow shafts, and in closed or open frame versions

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