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Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
Nilfisk is a provider of professional cleaning equipment and as part of their hard floor cleaning and maintenance products, Nilfisk’s range of industrial floor sweepers are available in three styles:

  • Manual Sweepers
  • Walk Behind Sweepers
  • Ride On Sweepers with Manual or Hydraulic Dump

Features and Benefits of Industrial Floor Sweepers
Manual Sweepers

  • Three times faster than manual sweeping and easy to manoeuvre
  • Walk-behind sweeper model
  • Theoretical productivity rate of 2.000 m2 per hour
  • Strong, lightweight design
  • Side brush pulls debris away from walls, kerbs, pallets and is simply raised when not needed

Walk Behind Sweepers

  • Quiet operation and easy cleaning
  • Battery operated
  • Ideal for cleaning any floor surface including:
    • Retail areas
    • Gas stations
    • Offices
    • Exterior parking spaces
    • Warehouses
    • Garage
    • Factories
  • Low noise level, ideal for noise sensitive areas
  • Can be used for wet and dry applications

Ride On Sweepers with Manual Dump

  • Ideal for congested areas
  • Available as battery operated or petrol version
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor cleaning applications, especially tight corners:
    • Factory warehouses
    • Car parks
    • Parks and gardens

Ride On Sweepers with Hydraulic Dump

  • Ideal for industrial cleaning requirements
  • Can be used for outdoor and indoor sweeping applications:
    • Pathways
    • Railway stations
    • Loading bays
    • Warehouses
  • Available as battery operation or petrol models
  • Easy to control and maintain
  • Dust filters and brush can be replaced with ease
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