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High filtering industrial vacuum cleaners

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NILFISK-Advance Australia has assumed marketing responsibility for the CFM range of industrial vacuum cleaners in Australia.

Nilfisk general manager Barry McKee said the aim was to build the level of the CFM business in Australia through the integration of CFM products into the Nilfisk-Advance industrial range of products.

In 1999 Nilfisk-Advance purchased a 70 per cent interest in the Italian company CFM to form the CFM Nilfisk-Advance Group.

CFM, founded in the 1970s, was a specialist manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners and is now one of Europe's largest suppliers.

The CFM/Nilfisk-Advance Group, which is headquartered in Zocca, in the Appennine hills near Modena, Italy, includes all of the commercial functions of the organisation from design to marketing and sales.

Production activities are also located in Zocca and include the 3 manufacturing divisions:

· Industrial vacuum cleaners - CFM's core business;

· Central suction units; and

· Pneumatic conveyors.

The production focus is to provide advanced solutions and a complete range of products and accessories, designed specifically to meet the customer's needs.

It is this focus on specialist design solutions which provides the group with its market differentiation and sales focus.

“In Australia,” Mr McKee said, "the CFM products will form the basis of the future Nilfisk-Advance industrial range of products.

“In the coming months our staff will be actively engaged in detailing and training our distribution partners on the CFM range of equipment.

"Our current stock consists of a basic range of machines which we believe will not only prove exciting but will fill the needs of our industrial clients."

An example of the machines available include:

· The 118 industrial vacuum that has been built for smaller industrial applications and consists of a 1000W self-ventilated motor, which is ideal when dust needs to be eliminated. Its smaller size makes it very practical and versatile.

· The 127 industrial vacuum, supplied with two independent and self-ventilated 1000W motors. The outlet is conveyed downwards where it will not disturb the operator. Excellent for general cleaning purposes.

· The 3 phase range of models consisting of the 3307, the 3507 and the 3557.

These machines have all been designed for continuous service in industrial sectors (metal working, chemical-pharmaceutical, agricultural-food production, ceramics, textile industries, etc) where power rating and absolute reliability in heavy-duty situations is required.

The 3557 for example has a 560mm diameter filtering cell that holds a 45,000cm2 filter able to treat large quantities of very fine dust.

The White Series of industrial vacuum cleaners are machines so called because of their colour.

Suitable for use in light coloured environments where the highest levels of hygiene are required they are designed for continuous use in fixed installations on production lines in precise industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, mechanical, paper and food industries.

These vacuum systems possess high filtering performance and quiet running motors. The 3306 for example has very large area, high retention filters.

An optional absolute filter can be used for both blowing and vacuuming applications with a filter surface up to 82,000 cm2 capable of delivering 99.999 per cent filtration efficiency (DOP method). Nilfisk-Advance 1800 011 013.

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