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Trailer mounted platforms available from Niftylift

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Niftylift  are providers of various types of hydraulic platforms. The products available from Niftylift are categorised as Trailer Mounted, Vehicle Mounted, Self Propelled, Self Drive and Track Drive.

Trailer mounted platforms offered by Niftylift, operate at height that range from 30ft to 69ft. These platforms can be towed and set up quickly, facilitating quick and easy transport from one site to another. Each trailer mounted platform is built to be compact and light in weight and this result in good a working envelope. Niftylift trailer mounted platforms feature telescopic booms, platform rotation devices, fly-booms / jibs, traction drives and hydraulic outriggers. They are equipped with proportional controls that simplify the operations and features that maximise productivity.

Niftylift’s trailer mounted platforms have different power options for operation. Thy can operate on battery, mains, petrol, gas or diesel. They also have the option for ‘Bi-Energy’, which means that two power sources can be combined at the same time for operation. The different models available are Nifty 120 / TM34, Nifty 90, Nifty 120T / TM34T , Nifty 140 / TM40, Nifty 150T / TM42T , Nifty 170 / TM50 and Nifty 210 / TM64.

Nifty 120T / TM34T features an operating height of 40ft and 20ft working outreach. Telescopic upper boom, bi-energy, accuracy when positioning platform, optimising utilisation, hydraulic outriggers, fully proportional hydraulic controls, simple, reliable and easy to maintain, telescopic axles are other features of the Nifty 120T / TM34T. This trailer mounted platform is simple, reliable, easy to maintain and can be easily accessed through double doorway openings.

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