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New electric forklift from Nichiyu Australia raises standard of performance for 3-wheelers

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article image FBT-75 series of 3-wheel battery-electric forklifts

The new compact FBT-75 series of 3-wheel battery-electric forklifts, from Nichiyu Australia , incorporates features that enhance the performance of the new 3-wheeler models.

According to Craig Coles, Nichiyu Australia’s National Product Manager, the new FBT-75 forklifts provide stable performance as they are equipped with a wide rear tyre footprint.

The wide tread of the dual rear wheels provides stability during turns and when lifting to heights. The ride and stability of the FBT-75 forklifts is not different from that of a 4-wheeler and the major benefit is the small 1.5m turning radius.

The synchronised tyre rotation system and curved rear counterbalance facilitate the minimum turning radius. The FBT-75 forklifts have the ability to right angle stack in aisles as narrow as 3.2m.

The FBT-75 forklifts come standard with IPX3 waterproof rating and can be used outdoors.

Coles relates that one of their customers, applied this combination of indoor/outdoor performance and manoeuvrability and it enabled them to replace two existing fork trucks with one of the new 3-wheeler forklifts.

The customer was using a conventional forklift for truck loading and unloading and general materials handling plus a Reach Truck in their narrow-aisle warehouse. Replacing those two units with one FBT-75 forklift significantly reduced their materials handling operating costs.

All forklift drivers that take the FBT-75s for a test drive have found it convenient to get on and off easily. The high-mount hydraulic levers make the task of getting on and off the forklift easy on either side.

Overall performance and pedestrian safety is also enhanced by having the horn on the hydraulic lever, meaning the operator doesn’t need to take their hands off the wheel and hydraulic lever during normal operation.

Lifting, tilting and other hydraulic operations can also be controlled using the armrest-mounted fingertip lever option. This reduces operator fatigue in high volume applications.

An easy to read operator display provides eyes-up viewing enhancing safety and providing data such as travelling speed, battery status, time and operating hours at a glance.

The display makes it easy for the operator to select from one of multiple driving modes to best suit the application. The operator display’s self-diagnosis function also alerts the operator with an icon or message should any fault or problems arise, simplifying and speeding maintenance.

The load indicator, a software upgrade, instantly shows the weight of any load, preventing drivers from lifting loads that are too heavy for the forklift or the storage system the load is to be placed into.

The Laser Beam Pointer, which simplifies fork positioning, improves the speed of operation and reduces the risk of damage to pallets and goods through mishandling.

Driver safety is ensured by an Operator Interlock System, which locks travelling and hydraulic functions if the operator is not seated correctly for more than two seconds.

Safety has also been improved with new Wet Disk Brakes providing more powerful and stable braking. Brake maintenance is reduced by preventing the ingress of water, dust and typical warehouse flotsam that damages axle bearings and/or brakes.

Nichiyu Australia also aim to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs for users by designing the overhead guard as a bolted three-piece system. Should a guard be damaged, operators can cost-effectively repair it by unbolting the damaged section and replacing it.

With lift heights to 7m, the FBT-75 foklifts are available in 1.3/1.5/1.8 and 2 tonne capacities. They are powered by a 48 Volt AC drive system, which provides smooth, quiet, vibration-free operation.

Technical features also include regenerative braking, speed suppression on downslopes, coasting and plugging enhancing energy efficiency and maximising battery-life.

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