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If your operation requires real-time inspection of voids and enclosed structures and you need a pipe inspection camera, sewer, mainline or CCTV inspection camera, then you should consider Nexxis’ range of portable and intelligent Inspection Cameras (RVI). Our inspection camera RVI equipment range includes borescopes, push rod cameras, robotic crawlers and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera systems which have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of many different industrial inspection environments including pipes, tubes, engines, turbines, boilers, mainline sewers and condensers. These technologically advanced yet durable instruments capture high-quality data-rich images and video and are supported by user-friendly software with a host of intuitive features to boost productivity, protect your assets and help ensure safety and quality. So for a pipe inspection camera, mainline sewer inspection camera or CCTV inspection camera, Nexxis are the experts.

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06/05/18 - Many businesses rely on remote visual equipment such as pipe inspection cameras when they need to perform a real-time inspection of enclosed structures.

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