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Laser alignment tools for better speed and more accuracy

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article image Laser alignment can dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and profitability

Laser alignment tools are designed to deliver faster and more accurate outcomes in measurement and alignment applications across commercial and industrial environments. These instruments have dramatically transformed the way people align and position machinery and industrial structures.

Replacing conventional alignment methods such as plumb-lines, dial gauges and line-of-sight where the quality of results depends largely on the operator’s experience, the new non-contact laser alignment systems take the human factor out of the equation, ensuring maximum precision even over long distances.

Laser alignment tools find application in the alignment of rotating shafts, pumps, gearboxes motors, printing presses, cardan shafts, offset drives, drive belts and pulleys, machine positioning and measurement of flatness and straightness of machine tables, rollers and machine drives among others.

Misaligned machinery can lead to a host of problems such as excessive and premature wear of bearings, seals, shafts and couplings, causing shaft and seal failures, high operating temperatures, excessive vibration, damage to shafts and foundation bolts, and high power consumption. Costly production stoppages and productivity losses are some of the other consequences.

Laser alignment can dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency and profitability, and solve even the most difficult manufacturing problems. Laser alignment is recommended for any situation involving rotating machinery since these machines are easily susceptible to misalignment with significant negative consequences.

Laser alignment technology can handle huge variations in machine design across different industries without any compromise to the quality of measurements. Easy to learn and operate, laser instruments have the capability to perform hugely complicated calculations and fulfil critically important functions.

For example, the Easy Laser range of accurate and repeatable laser alignment systems – among the most popular and widely-used in the world – is compact and lightweight and can be used safely and with ease in the toughest, most rugged environments. Key features also include built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and smart functions such as EasyTurn, Soft Foot Check and Thermal Growth Compensation for precise measurements and ease of use.

Nexxis, a leading Australian-owned rental, sales and leasing company specialising in technical equipment and technologies, supplies a complete range of high quality specialised laser alignment tools.

Please visit the Nexxis website www.nexxis.com.au or call 08 9418 4952 to know more about their full range of remote visual inspection and non-destructive testing equipment for sale or hire.

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