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New from Network Automation is the Horner Electric range of Operator Control Stations (OCS), providing an optimised Programmable Logic Controller / Operator Interface solution for a diverse range of machine and process control applications. 

By combining a Programmable Logic Controller, Operator Interface, I/O, and Networking into a single compact unit, OCS (Operator Control Station) provides a better solution for original equipment manufacturers, integrators, and end-users alike. More and more, there is a move to all-in-one controllers because of ease-of-use, cost-savings, and flexibility.. OCS has been used successfully in a wide variety of applications which were previously using Programmable Logic Controller and Operator Interface combinations.

Differentiating Features
Offering a single software development environment the OCS range is easily configured with logic tags being available to be re-used for graphic functions, without needing to be re-created or mapped.

The OCS is programmed using Horner Cscape software which is freely downloadable from the web and supports features such as multi-level password protection, OEM code protection, capability to store logic and full comments within the OCS, and many more.

I/O capabilities support Analog and Digital I/O to > 4K points with remote connections up to 2 Km and options of local, CAN or Modbus I/O, with special function modules such as RTD, Thermocouple, High Speed Count etc.

Logic functions are extensive and include Auto-Tune PID, Trig Functions, Indirect Addressing and a host of other industry required functions you would expect to see in a Programmable Logic Controller costing thousands of dollars.

Operator Interface Screen design is developed within Cscape and includes standard graphic tools for Buttons, Lamps etc and special fields for Alarming, Recipes, Bitmaps, Animation and others.

New in the X Range of product are features like SMS Messaging, Modbus Master / Slave and other protocols. Network Automation information and contact details

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16/10/08 - Network Automation have introduced the next generation Touch Screen PLC from US manufacturers, Horner APG.

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