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Network monitoring system for IP problems

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NetTest has announced the availability of Fastnet v7.5, the latest version of its non-intrusive enterprise network monitoring system.

The upgrade's advanced functionality allows network managers to conduct IP address range filtering, which pinpoints specific ranges of IP addresses where problems typically reside.

This ability to pinpoint IP problems faster helps network managers save time and make more efficient use of network bandwidth.

"By specifying a range of IP addresses to monitor, users can configure multiple probes to watch a line with large numbers of IP addresses,” Martin Lomp, director of research & development at NetTest, said.

“This ability to hone in on specified IP ranges helps users efficiently monitor key, high impact IP addresses amongst the myriad of IP addresses in use.

"We believe this important new functionality meets a critical challenge facing network managers today."

Fastnet v7.5 supports a series of new ATM QoS Parameters, which helps IT managers provide Quality of Service (QoS) to both internal and external customers.

Another feature of Fastnet v7.5 is the ability to automatically export IP and protocol statistics for use by network managers allowing them to boost the performance of their existing systems.

Other enhancements allow users to sort data on any column that uses ActiveX components, namely Web sites, HTML pages and dashboards.

This functionality lets users customise reports to meet the needs of their organisation.NetTest 03 9890 6677.

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