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Netsuite expands ecommerce cloud platform to provide social media and search engine marketing

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NetSuite Australia , a vendor of cloud computing business software suites, has announced a new version of its Ecommerce cloud platform that incorporates new social media and search engine marketing (SEM) capabilities, functionality that is fast becoming critical to the success and competitiveness of any Ecommerce business. What makes these new features particularly unique and powerful is NetSuite’s approach of tightly integrating them with its leading end-to-end Ecommerce business management suite, which brings together applications for Ecommerce, customer relationship marketing (CRM) and financial / accounting.

The result is a powerful new Ecommerce platform that enables merchants to leverage information generated by social media and search engine marketing for their marketing and merchandising efforts. They can also, for the first time, reap the full benefits of cloud computing — powerful interactive online experience, real-time customer information, dramatically improved return on investment (ROI), cost reductions, IT savings and productivity gains.

NetSuite leads the industry, delivering an end-to-end Ecommerce solution to thousands of merchants seeking to run profitable, nimble and sustainable businesses. With the latest improvements to its integrated Ecommerce platform, NetSuite deepens its commitment to helping merchants thrive and succeed. Social media leads the way in this latest NetSuite platform release, pairing insights gleaned directly from customers with their complete product and purchase history data, making for the world's only truly actionable social commerce solution.

Advertisers looking to optimise their ROI from search engine marketing will be heartened by NetSuite's unique closed-loop approach to campaign management. New, scriptable checkout capabilities ensure that merchants can support a limitless range of custom processes as a purchase is committed. And because the new platform offers unparalleled open access to third-party developers, NetSuite can offer a peerless ecosystem of specialised sales, marketing, merchandising and payment capabilities.

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