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Netsuite and Genpact partner to transform business process management via The Cloud

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Genpact Limited NetSuite Australia , a cloud computing business management software suite company, announce partnership designed to leverage the growing power and popularity of cloud computing to transform and modernise business process management (BPM). Genpact and NetSuite plan to provide the industry’s first BPM solutions that take advantage of the dramatic cost savings and productivity benefits of cloud computing — solutions that can enable companies to quickly realise benefits by abandoning archaic and expensive software infrastructure in favor of efficient, cost-effective and nimble enterprise management.

The partnership brings together the strengths of the NetSuite cloud business management software suite — enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), Ecommerce — and Genpact’s industry and process domain expertise and global operating model in managing business processes for clients.  As a result, businesses will have access to unprecedented control, flexibility and visibility as they seek to cut IT costs and streamline key business processes. 

“Over the last few years, we have seen significant shifts in the business challenges facing mid- market companies as they manage their growth. To help address many of these challenges, mid-market companies are increasingly adopting cloud computing solutions that offer scalability and low acquisition costs,” said Perry Santia, senior vice president, Genpact.  “We believe that our alliance with NetSuite can combine our business process expertise and vast technology and industry experience with NetSuite’s robust on-demand delivery platform to set the industry standard for cloud-based business process solutions for this market segment.  Likewise, we see many large enterprises embracing similar approaches for addressing their growth needs in emerging markets or to replace expensive and outdated legacy systems and processes.”

 Under the partnership, Genpact plans to employ its global IT program management and ERP consulting teams to provide NetSuite implementation services to mid-market companies and divisions of larger companies around the world.  Genpact also plans to leverage NetSuite’s OneWorld solution to provide its world-class business process services to these clients.  Genpact can draw on its extensive business process domain knowledge and understanding of clients’ key business processes to deliver best-in-class solutions, develop tools and build intellectual properties around pre-configured templates for the target market globally. 

By using NetSuite’s cloud-based OneWorld solution to deliver their services, Genpact eliminates the need to buy, install and maintain the hardware, software and infrastructure that was previously required.  This transition to the cloud allows Genpact to configure the outsourced service more quickly, deliver the service more efficiently and reduce the costs and risks associated with delivering the service to clients. 

In addition to NetSuite’s cloud-based CRM, ERP and Ecommerce solutions, Genpact is also focused on reselling NetSuite OneWorld, the first and only announced cloud-based solution to date that delivers real-time global business management and financial consolidation to businesses with multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.  The broad functionality of NetSuite OneWorld can be deployed quickly, even at large multi-national companies, which can allow Genpact to implement its services more easily than they could using traditional client-server software.  The benefits of NetSuite OneWorld can also allow Genpact’s program management and ERP consulting teams to implement a comprehensive solution very quickly and can significantly benefit clients through a faster return on investment. 

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