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Australian manufacturers move to operate on the cloud

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article image A growing number of Australian manufacturers are turning to cloud manufacturing solutions for building and expanding successful businesses.

Leading provider of cloud-based financials/ ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, NetSuite Australia announces that a growing number of Australian manufacturers are turning to cloud manufacturing solutions for building and expanding successful businesses.

Australian manufacturers such as Headland, Precision Mechatronics and BA Equipment Group use the robust capabilities of NetSuite’s complete cloud manufacturing solution to more efficiently manufacture, forecast, price, track and schedule products, with a focus on design and a single platform for both B2B and B2C distribution.

Given the pressures faced by the manufacturing industry due to shifting economic conditions, accelerated time to value compulsions and the need to innovate rapidly, modern manufacturers require a system that helps them reduce costs during the design process, efficiently manage multi-channel distribution, continuously innovate and leverage a dynamic supply network, while adapting to mobile-empowered customers.

Mark Troselj, managing director of APAC for NetSuite explains that traditional on-premise software approaches used by many manufacturers create a barrier to product innovation and business growth by increasing IT costs, driving up the cost of production and decreasing business efficiency and accuracy.

By switching to the NetSuite cloud, modern manufacturers can accelerate innovation, produce higher-quality products at high margins, rapidly adapt to market changes and distribute across multiple channels, gaining a competitive advantage and driving success in the global economy.

NetSuite’s integrated business solution complements manufacturing-specific functionality with order and inventory management, fulfilment, financials and accounting, CRM, services automation, e-commerce and more, eliminating the pain and inefficiencies of maintaining multiple disparate systems.

Leading manufacturers such as Headland, Precision Mechatronics and BA Equipment Group are raising the bar for innovation and agility with NetSuite, while liberating staff from inefficient manual work and channelling resources into value-added activity such as R&D, supply network optimisation, customer service and support.


Headland specialises in the supply of metal working machinery equipment to the manufacturing and engineering sectors within Australia and New Zealand. Headland turned to NetSuite OneWorld in 2011 to improve business efficiency and streamline workflows using a rich, cloud-based ERP solution that provides a single comprehensive view of its business, while enabling the company to grow by supporting multi-currency conversion capabilities. Headland developed its own service management system within NetSuite, which uses a mobile application to view active tasks, record travel time and status per service technician, enabling its schedulers to view if technicians are in transit or on site.

Lucas Vear, CFO of Headland comments that NetSuite has helped them increase the utilisation and efficiency of their engineers as they can now locate their resources at any given time. Additionally, NetSuite also enables complete visibility of Headland’s customers in real-time, enabling the company to better service customer requirements.

Precision Mechatronics

Precision Mechatronics and its stable of companies in Australia, Taiwan and the U.S, provide custom-designed, built and fully installed equipment solutions for many industries and environments. The company now relies on NetSuite OneWorld for financials, inventory and order management, customer service, marketing, sales force automation and other core business processes. NetSuite OneWorld supports multiple languages, currencies, taxes and reporting standards to fulfil the needs of its international expansion, providing one system to automatically manage local financial requirements in any market.

According to Jason Thelander, CEO of Precision Mechatronics, the company has greater visibility of their business now that everything is on the single, cloud-based NetSuite system.

BA Equipment Group

BA Equipment Group supplies rock-breaking hammers and fixed hydraulic boom systems to the civil construction, demolition, quarrying and mining industries in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. The company replaced Microsoft Dynamics NAV with NetSuite to help it separate from its parent business and deploy fully featured ERP systems across multiple offices with no hardware required. It now uses NetSuite for financials, customer service, inventory and order management, project management, marketing, sales force automation and other core processes.

Campbell Nunn, managing director of BA Equipment Group notes that NetSuite gives them more control over their business and quicker access to information, when and where needed.
A study by Nucleus Research found that manufacturers running NetSuite reduced inventory costs by 20% and increased sales by up to 25%. Today, more than 16,000 companies and subsidiaries depend on NetSuite’s enterprise-class cloud financials/ERP suites to run complex, mission-critical business processes globally in the cloud.

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