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Integrated Engineering Solutions
NEPEAN is a privately owned, specialised engineering and industrial manufacturing group, specialising in complete engineering and industrial manufacturing solutions. 

Benefits of NEPEAN's Engineering Solutions

  • NEPEAN are committed to engineering excellence
  • The expertise, the skills and the capability to 'make a difference'
  • NEPEAN customers and their people are at the core of their business
  • For over 33 years, NEPEAN have developed long and enduring mutually beneficial relationships with their customers

Engineering Solutions and Services
NEPEAN offer customers a full range including:

  • Product Development
  • Engineering Manufacture
  • Equipment Refurbishment
  • Turnkey
  • Maintenance Services
  • Complete Longwall Mining Systems
  • Longwall Coal Clearance Products
  • Longwall Roof Supports
  • Surface based Coal Mine
  • Methane Plants Services Repair
  • Overhaul of Underground Mining Equipment
NEPEAN capabilities are diverse and provide solutions for the manufacturing and marketing products to customers in a range of applications such as Mining, Aviation, Transport, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Construction and Food Production.

NEPEAN operates in international markets in the USA, Canada, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

NEPEAN Companies
Nepean Engineering - Nepean Engineering is one of Australia’s largest engineering company’s supplying engineering design solutions, structural steel fabrication and erection, laser cutting, sheet metal fabrication, machining, tool and mould making, design and construction of special purpose machinery.

  • Medium to Heavy Fabrication
  • Structural Steel
  • Sheet Metal
  • Complex Machining
  • Surface Treatment
  • Precision Tooling
  • Laser Cutting
  • Special Purpose Machinery

Vehicle Inspection Systems - Vehicle Inspection Systems design, manufacture sell and service robotic aluminium wheel polish units, brake, steering, suspension and weighing testing equipment for the international transport industry.

  • VIS - Polish - Aluminium Rim Polisher
  • VIS - Check – Vehicle Inspection Systems
    • Analyses vehicle efficiency and roadworthiness using advanced vehicle inspection technology meeting regulatory authority standards for road registration requirements. 
  • VIS - Weigh - Low Profile Transportable Axle Group Weighing Platforms

Bliss-Fox Ground Support Equipment - Bliss-Fox design, manufacture and market push back tow tractors for the aviation and industrial markets.

  • Bliss-Fox – Conventional Tow Tractors 
    • 4 Tonne Baggage Tractor               - F1-40 
    • 8 Tonne Aircraft Towing Tractor    - F1-80  
    • 30 Tonne Aircraft Towing Tractor  - F1-300 
    • 70 Tonne Aircraft Towing Tractor  - F1-500

Nepean Conveyors - Nepean Conveyors Design and Manufacture, install and service a range of conveyor equipment from delivery jib and drivehead, through to loop take up and boot end, specialising in the materials handling and underground coal mining industry.

  • Conveyors, Pulleys, Driveheads, Transfer Chutes, Jiffy Conveyor – For Hire, Idlers and Structure, Tripper Drivehead, Belt Storage, Winches, Mobile Boot End, The BOSS System and a wide range of services.

Nepean Meco Conveyors - Nepean Meco Conveyors design and manufacture a full range of conveyor idlers, rollers and support structure. NMC also offer maintenance supply and management of idler inventories for mining and port operations.

Inbye Mining Services - Inbye Mining Services supply the Australian mining industry with longwall mining systems, coal clearance products, roof supports and related underground mining services.

MI Power & Electronics - 
MI Power & Electronics is a market leader in the manufacture, supply and overhaul of flameproof and non-flameproof mining and industrial electrical equipment.

  • Engineering Services
  • Flameproof Products - Distribution Control Box and Starters (Conveyor, Fan or Pump)
  • Non-Flameproof Products - Custom Built Equipment, Starters - Conveyor, Fan or Pump Starters and Substations
  • Repair and Overhaul Service

Nepean Consulting - Nepean Consulting is a diverse automation and electrical engineering services company. They are a highly reputable, customer focused, quality accredited company servicing the Australian mining industry. Nepean Consulting specialises in providing the highest quality design and service of PLC, SCADA and Telemetry systems, to meet your particular turnkey project requirements Nepean Consulting is a certified CIP CITECT Integration Partner.

Nepean Consulting is a proud member of NEPEAN, Australia’s leading, privately owned, specialised engineering and industrial manufacturing group.

Weldlok - Graham Group’s Weldlok® division provides Australasian markets with a diverse range of steel grating, drainage, Balltube® hand railing and mesh steel products.

MasterMesh - Mastermesh® products provide complete architectural, construction and engineering solutions to customers requiring expanded metal and perforated metal and Aluminium products.

Galintel - Galintel provides high-quality steel lintels, angles, flats and T-bars to the residential construction market.

Galvanising Services - Galvanising Services plants offer customers a rapid and reliable service with a superior surface finish for hot dipped steel products. 

Agrowplow Soil Care Systems International - AGROWPLOW manufacture a range of agricultural seeders, plows and implements, which are highly regarded for sustainable agricultural farming practices  

  • AgrowDrills - Soil Care Systems
    • The Agrowdrill is the most robust, versatile direct drill available on the market. It maximises seeding versatility for pasture renovation, summer crops, cereals and legumes – from specialised direct drilling to traditional farming applications.
  • AgrowPlows - Soil Care Systems
    • The AgrowPlow is designed for Rootbed Renovation in all soil types and conditions.
  • Flexi Rollers - Soil Care Systems
    • The Flexi Roller is a multi purpose unit that can be used in both primary or secondary tillage and seeding
  • Specialised and Custom Equipment
  • Bioplow
  • Bulk Handling
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Supplier news
25/09/12 - NEPEAN specialises in the construction of sturdy conveyor systems, so it makes sense that it also constructs belt reelers for use with its array of conveyors.
Supplier news
13/12/11 - Nepean offers a complete Longwall Mining System which is innovative, efficient and designed to meet the unique needs of each customer.
Supplier news
12/05/11 - Nepean Conveyors has appointed Rolf Van Rooyen to the position of General Manager Meco–Nepean Conveyors, commencing April 2011.
Supplier news
10/02/09 - Under Longwall conveyor products, Inbye Mining Services offer armoured face conveyors and beam stageloaders. Armoured face conveyors and beam stageloaders are available from Nepean Group. Armoured face conveyors have a range of equipment that includes maingate driveframes, transmissions, sprockets, line pans, spillplates, tailgate driveframes, chains and flights.
Supplier news
10/02/09 - The T.P.T. (Torque Proportional Tension), available from Nepean Group, is an addition to the eddycurrent winches. Reaction sensitivity is now at optimum because the winch is controlled by drivehead torque, not sensing resultant belt tension loss or slack side tension.
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