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Belt reelers for use with conveyers from NEPEAN

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article image These belt reelers have a unique S-beam design
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NEPEAN specialises in the construction of sturdy conveyor systems, so it makes sense that it also constructs belt reelers for use with its array of conveyors.

The company initially began developing these belt reelers to meet the demands of those conveyor systems used in longwall mining and behind tunnel boring machines.

Today, the company’s highly developed constant tension winch technology ensures it provides belt reelers that are both high in quality and feature a refined design.

The belt reelers have a unique S-beam railbay design, a feature that distinguishes the most advanced and reliable units on the market today.

Each one of the company’s belt reelers are designed to withstand the rigors of potential shock loading from power loss conditions.

Furthermore, they can be customised to suit the individual needs and requirements of businesses operating across a range of different industries.

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30/07/2013 - Depending on the type of belt used on the particular conveyor. Steel Cord belts are expensive and generally you want the minimum amount of splices in it. Generally, rolls come in 400m lengths. For Solid Woven and Ply belt types underground, splices would be every 200m to 250m as there is limited space underground to do the belt install.

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