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Candela enterprise solutions available from Naxtor Technologies

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Candela, available from Naxtor Technologies , is an enterprise solution for retail operations. It manages the sales, and optimises inventory across multiple outlets of a retail organisation.

Candela is a barcode enabled solution for management of retail businesses. It enables retailers to manage their suppliers, own operations, and their customers. Thus Candela can be considered as a supply chain management system. Using the Candela enterprise solution, users can stay current with the changing information of their outlet (store). Up-to-date information of inventory, sales, receivables, and payables is available at the desktop of the decision makers. This enables the management to easily implement and enforce timely and informed decisions based on up-to-date and reliable data.

The Candela enterprise solution facilitates easy barcode enabled POS functions, vendor management, customer management, inventory tracking and optimisation, accounting, and business analysis.

Naxtor Technologies’ Candela enterprise solution is sold as two modules that include store module and back-office. The Candela RMS store module provides a retail solution that can be run as a stand-alone application in individual stores, as well as connected to the head office using the Candela back-office module. The Candela RMS back-office module equips retail chains or multi-store businesses to roll up and manage data for all stores from the head office.

The Candela enterprise solution can be configured as two different products. The first configuration is called Candela standard configuration and is designed for managing the retail operations at grocery stores, pharmacy stores, gift stores, and similar types of businesses. The second configuration is called Candela assortment configuration and is designed for retail management in garments and shoes industry. This configuration has extensive support for assortments and management of product sizes and colours. All entries and reports are available in an easy to use matrix of products and sizes.

All standard POS hardware can be connected to the Candela enterprise solution for managing the retail operations. Any standard barcode scanner can be connected to the Candela enterprise solution for scanning of barcodes. Hand held scanners can also be connected to the system. Customer receipts can be printed by connecting retail receipt printers, thermal printers, laser printers, or ordinary dot matrix printers. Barcodes can be printed using special barcode printers or ordinary laser printers. Customer display or pole display can also be connected to the system to show invoice details to the customers during product scanning. Cash drawer can be connected to the system, which opens up automatically when a new invoice is generated by the system.

Research has been conducted regarding the issues and problems of retail operations and solutions have been designed. The concept behind the Candela enterprise solution is that the retailers can have immediate access to the right information. The retailers can stay current with the changing information of any of the outlets (stores). Up to date information of inventory and sales is available at the desktop of the decision makers.

The Candela enterprise solution improves the sales to stock ratio. This means, a retail business can achieve existing sales levels with less stocks, thereby increasing profitability.

The Candela enterprise solution is suitable for management of inventory of retail chain stores. Its inventory distribution and optimisation algorithms maintain the required inventory at stores. Stock transfers between stores is automated and centrally managed through head office. For retail chains, the data transfer from shops to the back office server (head office) is simple and occurs with a click of a button. The data can be transferred using a phone line at the head office and at the retail outlet.

The data can be transferred using the Internet. Shops can use slow speed dial up internet connection or can use DSL internet connections. Due to simplified data transfer options, the management of retail chain operations becomes easy. The Candela enterprise solution offers retailers a feature-set designed for dynamic and growing companies.

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