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National Instruments technologies have simplified and provided increased efficiencies in test, measurement and automation. Supplying a comprehensive range of modular test and measurement instruments and an open PXI platform which can be configured to your industrial requirements.

PXI is the open, PC based platform for test, measurement, and control
  • Provides industry's highest bandwidth and lowest latency with modular I/O for high-resolution DC to 6 GHz RF
  • Choose from 1,200+ products from more than 70 vendors worldwide
  • Combine with powerful NI LabVIEW software and modular instruments to create completely customised measurements and analysis routines
Modular and software-defined instruments can be quickly interchanged and easily re-purposed to meet evolving test needs
  • Oscilloscopes (High-Speed Digitizers) have a sampling rates up to 2 GS/s, bandwidth to 300 MHz, 8 to 24-bit resolution, and up to 8 channels in PCI, PXI and PXI Express
  • Signal Generators with 12 and 16-bit resolution at up to 400 MS/s sample rates for PCI and PXI
  • High-Speed Digital I/O and Logic Analysers feature maximum clock rates up to 200 MHz, data rates as high as 200 MB/s and flexible single-ended and differential voltage levels for PCI, PCI Express, PXI, and PCMCIA
  • RF and High-Frequency Devices for vector-based signal acquisition, generation, and analysis up to 6.6 GHz with 20 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Digital Multimeters (DMMs and LCR Meters) come in 5½, 6½, and 7½ digit DMMs with 10 to 26-bit resolution and up to 1.8 MS/s sample rates for PCI and PXI
  • Programmable DC Power Supplies with multiple outputs up to 20 W, 16-bit programming and readback resolution and less than 1ms programming speeds
  • Dynamic Signal Acquisition, Generation and Analysis with 24-bit precision for sound and vibration acquisition and generation
National Instruments provide reliable, professional advise on comprehensive solutions for testing, automation and measurement applications.
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