High Performance Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and LCR Meters from National Instruments


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National Instruments supply a comprehensive range of optimised digital multimeters and LCR meter which accurately measure resistance, voltage, inductance, current, capitance and temperature.

Digital Multimeters (DMMs) can be combined with more than 150 available NI switch topologies to create high channel count test systems. 

Digital Multimeters (DMMs) for automated testing and instrument control
7½ DMM
  • 26 to 10 bit flexible resolution
  • 1.8 MS/s, 1000 V digitiser
  • ±10 nV to 1000 V
  • ±1 pA to 3 A
6½ DMM
  • 23- to 10 bit flexible resolution
  • 1.8 MS/s, 300 V digitizer
  • 6½ digits at 100 S/s
  • Low cost options in USB, PCI, PCIe, and PXI
5½ DMM
  • Ultra portable, low cost
  • 20 mV to 250 V ranges

NEW 6 ½ Digit USB DMMs

  • Bus-powered for portability
  • Small (7.0 by 4.1 by 1.3 in.) and lightweight (10 oz)
  • 6½-digit resolution
  • 7 built-in measurements - AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, 2 or 4 wire resistance, and diode test
  • ±300 VDC/Vrms isolation
  • 3000 readings/s (maximum) at 4½ digits
LCR meters effectively measure inductance, capacitance and resistance
  • 6½-digit DMM with LCR capability
  • Capacitance resolution from 0.05 pF to 10,000 µF
  • Inductance resolution from 1 nH to 5 H
Options are available for a variety of platforms including PXI, PXI Express, PCI, PCI Express, and USB.  National Instruments Aust & NZ information and contact details


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