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National Instrument's LabView software creates flexible and scalable test, measurement and control applications rapidly and at minimal cost.

Regardless of experience, engineers and scientists can rapidly and cost effectively use the interface with measurement and control hardware to analyse data, share results and distribute systems.

Increase productivity using the integrated LabView environment
  • Interface with real world signals, analyse data for meaningful information and share results
  • Deterministic real-time multi threading for high-performance test applications such as those in wireless, high-speed digital and mixed-signal tests
LabView 8.50 - Latest Version runs on multicore processors which delivers more powerful systems with increased test thoroughput
  • Simplifies multicore and FPGA development for high-performance test applications with its intuitive parallel dataflow language
  • Offers performance gains with automatic thread scaling based on the total available number of processing cores
  • Improved thread-safe drivers
LabView add-on modules and toolkits
  • Application distribution and device targeting
  • Software engineering tools
  • Data visualisation and management
  • Real time and FPGA development  
  • Embedded development  
  • Signal processing, analysis, and maths
  • Image acquisition, analysis and machine vision
  • Automated testing
  • Control design and simulation
  • Industrial control
National Instrument's LabView Software enables you to take advantage of the flexibility of a programming language and built in tools designed specifically for test, measurement and control.
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