nash_elmo Australia

Air/steam ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pumps/compressor.


Supplier news
24/03/05 - NASH_elmo has introduced a new range of improved, and optimised, frequency converters for its G_Series of blowers. The new converters result in extremely high suction capacities up to 3000m3/h at pressure differences up to 780mbar.
Supplier news
15/03/04 - NASH_elmo’s G_400 family of gas ring vacuum pumps and compressors operates at pressure differences of up to 1,000 cubic metres an hour.

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nash_elmo Australia (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 2188
NSW 2164
Tel: 02 9725 5199
Fax: 02 9725 5128

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Delta Hytor Nah Vectra

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