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Rigid couplings with precision honed bores

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article image One-piece and two-piece precision honed rigid couplings from Ruland.

RULAND Manufacturing, represented in Australia by Naismith Engineering , precision hones the bores on all of its rigid couplings with straight bores.

Honing has several benefits that enhance the overall performance of the coupling.

Applications that require strict control of shaft alignment benefit greatly from honing, which assures both bores are collinear. The collinear bores even allow the coupling to be used as a shaft alignment mechanism.

In contrast, installing an imprecise rigid coupling can introduce misalignment into a system and cause early failure of bearings, seals, or other components.

Honing also corrects any residual distortions caused by stresses introduced during the manufacturing process, resulting in a round, precisely sized bore. Proper sizing and geometry assures a large percentage of shaft contact and greater torque transmission ability. This can sometimes make a keyway unnecessary with a possible reduction in labour and material cost.

Ruland rigid couplings are offered in one- or two-piece styles in aluminium, black oxide carbon steel and stainless steel with bore sizes from 1/8" to 2" in the inch series and 3mm to 50mm in the metric series.

The couplings are available with or without keyways. In addition to precision honed straight bore couplings, a wide range of stepped bore couplings are manufactured.

While set screw-style rigid couplings are available, the Nomar clamp-style rigid couplings featured by Ruland do not mar the shaft like set-screw type couplings.

Clamp-style rigid couplings also have higher holding power because they wrap around the shaft when tightened, thus applying compressive stress nearly uniformly on the circumference of the shaft.

Two-piece clamp-style rigid couplings have an additional advantage since they can be installed on the shaft without removing other components.

All Nomar Ruland rigid couplings are supplied with Nypatch hardware that resists loosening under vibration.

Rigid couplings are part of Ruland's complete line of shaft collars, rigid couplings and motion control couplings.

All Ruland products are stamped with the Ruland name for easy identification.

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