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MYOB moves into CRM market to help business owners drive their businesses further

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MYOB Australia has expanded its range of business management solutions with the release of MYOB ClientConnect - a new, cost effective customer relationship management (CRM) system, designed to help Australia’s small and medium sized business owners’ generate leads, improve sales and work more closely with existing clients.

“Over the past 18 years MYOB has helped hundreds of thousands of Australian small and medium businesses to systemise their accounting. Now, more than ever, business owners need to know exactly where they stand financially,” explains Tim Reed, CEO MYOB. “The key driver of a business’s health is how effectively sales and service opportunities can be turned into orders. That’s why we’re introducing MYOB ClientConnect. It helps a business owner systemise their sales, service and customer relationship management, just as MYOB has helped systemise accounting for small-medium businesses,” says Mr Reed.
MYOB’s research indicates that many businesses are transitioning from the challenge of managing high demand to the challenge of ‘hunting for business’, for the first time in many years.

“The global economy has been hit hard and no doubt many business owners have felt the effect,” continues Mr Reed. “But Australia’s business owners are resilient and street-smart. Unlike large corporations, they can quickly change their business to try new approaches and pursue new opportunities. At MYOB we’re making it easier for them to systematically manage their customers, services and sales opportunities, by introducing MYOB ClientConnect.” MYOB ClientConnect is a cost effective, easy-to-use CRM tool that operates within Microsoft Outlook®, which means there’s no need to manage two applications or multiple contact databases. It simply adds more features and functions to Outlook so business teams can access and use all contact and sales information in the one application that they use every day.

“For anyone who knows how to use Outlook, they will be familiar with MYOB ClientConnect and will be able to get the program up and running quickly. Business owners will soon be enjoying better client management tools and MYOB ClientConnect will soon start paying for itself,” says Mr Reed. MYOB’s research has revealed the common ‘pain points’ business owners experience in managing their sales and service opportunities. They include managing direct marketing activities, capturing and following up new sales leads, and being able to analyse client information for better communication, as a key to retaining clients. By implementing MYOB ClientConnect business owners can systematically alleviate these pain points and improve their sales, service and customer relationship management practices. It all adds up to enabling a business to more effectively turn opportunities into orders.

Three versions of MYOB ClientConnect are available:

1. MYOB ClientConnect - A single-user contact and sales management plug in tool for Microsoft Outlook. Simple to use, it lets you access all your critical sales and contact information without having to jump from program to program or dealing with poor synching schemes.

2. MYOB ClientConnect Plus - A single-user comprehensive contact and sales management plug in tool for Microsoft Outlook. It has all the benefits of MYOB ClientConnect, plus advanced features.

3. MYOB EXO ClientConnect - A multi-user plug-in tool for team environments. It has all the features of MYOB ClientConnect Plus, and delivers advanced user permissions and remote access so you can communicate more effectively as a team.

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