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MYOB Australia to conduct Tackling Tough Times seminars

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MYOB Australia  will conduct a series of Tackling Tough Times seminars. These seminars will show businesses how to stay in control in the face of economic adversity, with survival strategies, software tips, practical action plans and guidance from firms such as Deloitte and MYOB Australia.

The March 2009 MYOB Australia small business survey revealed that 43% of small business owners surveyed report that the global financial crisis has had a negative impact on sales and 39% report a negative impact on business costs.

According to MYOB Australia, during the Tackling Tough Times seminar, business owners and support staff will receive practical ideas for managing cash flow, budgets, debtors and costs. Cash flow remains a concern for many small businesses.

At the seminar, business owners, bookkeepers and office managers will learn how to use their MYOB software to their advantage, including:

  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Developing an effective budget checklist and the best way to set up the budget
  • Managing budget reports, monitor what is planned versus what has been achieved
  • Understand key drivers of cash flow and how to analyse and control cash
  • Debtor Management
  • Five ways to ensure people pay in a timely manner, converting sales to cash
  • Apply the effective debtor management checklist
  • Beat bad debt using the to-do list, contact logs and collection letter templates
  • Identify which customers are most valuable to the business
  • Cost Control
  • The impact of each supplier on business profitability and how to apply better purchasing processes
  • Ways to save on costs with efficient ways to handle time-consuming manual processes
  • Low-cost marketing tips for maximising income
  • Tracking employee costs and analysing staffing requirements

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