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MYOB Accountants Resourcing services from MYOB Australia

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Accounting practices are embracing the flexibility and cost effectiveness of outsourcing compliance work, as a way to save money and devote more time to provide advice and support to clients. MYOB Accountants Resourcing from MYOB Australia provides accounting firms with flexibility and enables them to handle cyclical workloads without the additional overheads and costs of permanent staff.

The MYOB Accountants Resourcing service helps many firms address the current undersupply of Australian qualified accounting professionals. MYOB Accountants Resourcing provides accounting practices with the flexibility of having staff available to complete compliance work, without the commitment of hiring permanent employees.

With the help of the MYOB Accountants Resourcing service, accountants can save money and get their compliance work completed. MYOB Accountants Resourcing also frees up accountant’s time to focus on providing their clients with proactive advice that ensures their business is well positioned to ride out tough economic times.

One MYOB client recently commented that MYOB Accountants Resourcing increases the time they can dedicate to help their clients and in turn this is improving their firm’s profits.

According to Amanda Robinett, Accountant, Burswood Partners, employing a staff when things are tough in the economy involves a substantial commitment to a fixed cost. The MYOB Accountants Resourcing service, in contrast, is variable and customers only pay for what they use and when the job is finished.

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