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EXO Business accounting software helps QLD mining services supplier increase efficiency

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It's no secret that mining is big business in Australia, and the sheer size and scale of operations in the sector also make it a highly complex business. MYOB offer a range of enterprise software solutions including EXO Business, an accounting software that provides companies with the concrete business intelligence required to operate in the mining industry.

Companies working within the mining industry need to be adaptable, have clarity on all of their business processes and know exactly where their resources are so they can quickly relocate or reallocate whenever they win a contract.

EXO Business accounting software from MYOB provides businesses in the mining industry with the intelligence to:

  • have full visibility over the allocated resources
  • accurately track labour and operating costs of individual projects
  • better track workforce hours, locations, skills, and costs
  • generate effective management reports on productivity and areas of compliance; and
  • confidently procure and coordinate serviceable units.
One business that has benefited from MYOB's EXO Business account management software is Haynes Mechanical, a Queensland business that has been providing mining companies with the highest quality fitters and servicemen, skilled in the maintenance of mining machinery, cranes, and earthmoving equipment since 1994.

For about two years, Haynes Mechanical had been using a less than reliable accounting system that was alright for general book keeping but it's reporting capability was limited and it crashed regularly. It was clear that Haynes Mechanical needed to find a new system that was not just more reliable, but that had additional functionality that their current accoutnign software could not offer.

“We just wanted a solid accounting system that was easy to use by staff and had comprehensive job costing and payroll functionality too,” says Administration Manager, Margaret Clegg.

After several months of searching, Haynes Mechanical found what they were looking for in MYOB’s EXO Business. This accounting software seemed to strike the right balance between functionality and price and thanks to its add on modules and bespoke reporting, it was flexible enough to grow with the business, rather than restrict it.

The first step in integrating the new EXO Business accounting software into the Haynes Mechanical process was a demonstration by local EXO specialist Momentum Software Solutions. The consultant asked what it was Haynes Mechanical wanted to get out of the program, and then came back with a presentation showing exactly what the software could do.

Momentum Software Solutions then installed a trial system using Haynes Mechanical's own data, which gave staff at the company a couple of months to familiarise themselves with the new interface before switching over to EXO Business accounting software for good.

On top of EXO Business' standard functionality, there were a number of customisations that Haynes Mechanical required. Under their previous accounting software, the company found it hard to recall all the different billing information for their 100+ labour force without a lot of duplication and manual entry. Using EXO’s flexible platform, Momentum Software Solutions was
able to generate a custom script that allowed Haynes Mechanical to enter data into job costing with the appropriate customer pricing, then use that same data to update payroll and client invoices.

Momentum Software Solutions also built further customisation into EXO Business accounting software to help Haynes Mechanical improve the accuracy of their data. particularly around business performance and profitability.

“[EXO Business accounting software is] easy to use and easy to understand. Which means we can track expenditure, cash flow, costs, income, literally any aspect of the business, on a
day to day basis. What’s more, we can do it even with resources spread across multiple sites.

“EXO gives us the flexibility to shift our focus to anything we feel needs attention. It gives us the flexibility to make amendments too, without having to worry about errors," says Clegg.

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