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Case Study: Using MYOB to identify growth stress points

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Sydney-based IT consultancy and hardware distributor Arcadia decided to implement the EXO solution from MYOB Enterprise Solutions for better information management and business clarity.

Arcadia operates as an IT consultancy as well as the exclusive distributor of the EIZO range of colour critical LCD monitors, and employs a staff of 13 at their Sydney CBD office.

Beginning operations with just two people in 1996, Arcadia experienced significant growth, resulting in a number of staff hires in 2003. Managing the marketing, distribution and support of these high-value, high-end monitors across many different industries and customer groups requires constant awareness of a complex network of time and cost variables.

By late-2005, the combined effects of an increase in turnover and SKUs were placing undue stress on the collection of automated and manual business systems then in place, making the Arcadia management realise the need for a new business management system.

Long-term staff member Andrey Myasnikov project managed the assessment, selection, specification and implementation of MYOB EXO as Arcadia’s business management system of choice.

Working with MYOB Enterprise Partners Kilimanjaro Consulting, Myasnikov defined the information management challenges being faced by the business and ushered in a whole new era of efficiency.

Arcadia was previously running on MYOB Premier, which Myasnikov emphasised, was ‘great accounting software for smaller businesses’ with a solid financial backbone; however, it was unable to factor-in the increasingly complex multi-variable demands of the distribution side of the business.

He explained that the staff was overwhelmed by the amount of information that had to be kept outside of the system, with up to seven different spreadsheets being used to track various critical non-accounting variables. Arcadia therefore sought a single system that recorded and collated all of this information.

Arcadia spent about six months researching the business management software market, selecting MYOB EXO for its unique customisability. Arcadia chose Kilimanjaro Consulting as their systems implementation provider.

Working with Kilimanjaro, Arcadia was able to define their business needs in terms of strategies, workflows and outcomes, following which they approached the issue of software functionality. The time invested in discussing specific requirements seems to have paid off with Arcadia running the business efficiently on MYOB EXO.

Arcadia’s distribution business manages the movement of stock ‘back-to-back’, with each customer order triggering a series of processes that are time- and cost-dependent. MYOB EXO captures all of that information previously noted on spreadsheets for each and every customer order across the 70-plus SKUs.

MYOB EXO is also used to manage an important area of the pre-sales cycle for the EIZO LCD monitors. Being such a specialised product, many potential customers prefer to try before they buy, requiring Arcadia to keep track of each demo model including where it has been sent and for how long, when it’s due back, its service history and more. Post-sale, MYOB EXO helps with tracking warranties, a capability that was customised for Arcadia.

Arcadia has benefitted from the combination of improved workflows, better integrated functionality and ease-of-use, resulting in considerable operational cost-savings. Myasnikov estimates Arcadia has been able to save at least 15 man hours a week in paperwork per position using MYOB EXO.

Myasnikov worked particularly close with Kilimanjaro in defining the reporting functionalities of the system. While Kilimanjaro worked on the ‘backend’, Myasnikov worked in-house on customising the user interface and organising the presentation of data. Consequently, the reports are not only read by the managers but are also actionable as they represent snapshots of meaningful business data.

Myasnikov continues to tweak with the interface and reporting functionality, and says he will be improving managerial visibility even further with the introduction of ‘dashboard’-style overview reporting in the near future.

Newcomers are able to get a basic understanding of standard operations running on MYOB EXO in about a week. In terms of ongoing training, Arcadia has chosen to invest in training ‘EXO super-users’, who can then train their colleagues to more advanced levels of product use.

While MYOB EXO continues to deliver on its promise as a powerful integrated business management system, it’s the method of the implementation process that continues to impress.

Myasnikov is appreciative of Kilimanjaro’s professionalism and very good expectation management, which were critical qualities during the implementation.

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