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myDIALS announces developer kit, further enabling companies to take control of and improve operational performance

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myDIALS , a leader in operational performance management, has announced the availability of the myDIALS Developer Kit, which enables users to easily, and cost-effectively, implement, manage and maintain myDIALS’ Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

myDIALS’ performance management platform helps users improve business results by monitoring performance in real-time to identify and characterise problems, make decisions and take action to fix issues quickly.

With the Developer Kit, organisations with varying levels of IT expertise and resources, can save time and be more self-sufficient by independently deploying, managing and customising configuration and dashboard settings.

“The myDIALS Developer Kit is very easy to use and allows us to make the implementation of myDIALS projects efficient from a partner’s view,” said Kim Fiddaman, senior software engineer, SAGE Automation Australia’s leading independent automation and control systems integration company. “More importantly, the Developer Kit allows us to be more reactive to customers’ needs, thereby offering a better overall customer experience.”

Features of the myDIALS Developer Kit:

  • The code-free myDIALS Developer Kit walks users, step-by-step, through the implementation process of connecting data sources, configuring dashboards, enabling analytic functions and adding groups and users.
  • All authorised users can easily customise dashboards with different layouts, dials, visualizations and displayed metrics, as well as add users and user groups.
  • By using the Developer Kit, an IT or power user can quickly add brand personalisation, input data from multiple sources – from spreadsheets and databases to more sophisticated data sources like ERP and CRM – and intuitively configure metrics, calculations, dimensions, targets, alert conditions, calendar and units.
  • The Developer Kit features on-line help, tool tips and call-out boxes.
  • Users already engaging with myDIALS can leverage the Developer Kit to update metrics, customise dashboards or adjust the views for different groups of users, all without vendor assistance.
  • The Developer Kit enables current customers to quickly extend their performance improvement initiatives across more functions, process areas and value streams, hence optimising more aspects of their business operations.

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