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Multivac Australia now offer High Pressure Processing (HPP) designed to enhance food preservation and dramatically improve food shelf life. 

High Pressure Processing Systems For Improved Food Quality and Safety

  • The HPP systems range from Multivac Australia provides:
  • Increased product shelf life - even food food sensitive to heat
  • Low temperature preservation method: no loss in product quality compared to heat
  • Enhanced food safety due to inactivation of spoilage organisms and relevant foodborne pathogens
  • Additive-free preservation of food by using only pressure 
High Pressure Processing is suitable both for modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packaging. 

Advantages of High Pressure Preservation
High Pressure Processing is in principle suitableboth for modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packaging. A combinationof MAP with HPP requires special know-how. With 50 years experience inpackaging, MULTIVAC has enhanced HPP in combination with MAP. MULTIVACoffers packaging solutions suitable for HPP, which makes them unique inthe world.

Important issues for all HPP-packaging solutions are:

  • Overall HPP process control – MULTIVAC HPP (patents pending)
  • Package design, geometry and format
  • Packaging films and film laminate structure
  • Type and formulation of product
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