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Multitec FBM  provides a wide range of paper handling products including high quality collators.  At Multitec FBM there are two types of collators that would suit a wide variety of applications. The Watkiss DigiVAC is one type and it features a continuous non stop operation. Watkiss Vario is another type of collator available at Multitec FBM.

These collators maintain a continuous work flow. The Watkiss DigiVAC from Multitec FBM is a comfortable outperforms all conventional collators. The operator can reload the bins whilst the machine is still running before the bins actually runs out. This is a patented suction feed system that feeds sheets from the bottom of the paper stack.

The Watkiss DigiVAC from Multitec FBM is an efficient collator that operates constantly at a comfortable, consistent pace. The collators are used for continuous non-stop production, fast start-up, collates a wide range of stock materials without adjustment, easy to use, operator-friendly.

The collators from Multitec FBM are gentle on delicate papers and digital prints, has security lock that would prevent operator errors during job, virtually maintenance-free and it does not have lubrication and consumable parts.

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