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Multicard releases new multi application microcontroller card

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Multicard announced today the launch of a new pioneering application of contactless and dual interface microcontroller technology. Multicard has utilised combined different high frequency contactless technologies on a single IC.

Features of the microcontroller cards include:

  • The new microcontroller card utilises a single processor for both a LEGIC applet and the MIFARE technology to enable the use of a single identification credential in different environments that also accommodates legacy installations
  • The microcontroller cards allow for the storage of standard LEGIC applications, such as those for employee cards on a single dual interface smart card
  • LEGIC card-in-card solutions also permit the integration of contactless multi-applications on virtual LEGIC transponders in contactless or dual interface smart cards, thus enabling the combination of secure physical and logical access systems on a single card
  • The new microcontroller cards have been developed to integrate various secure applications on one independent processor to enable customers to make full use of a true multi-application smart card solution, based on a high level of independence and security
  • The new microcontroller cards with access control, time & attendance, cashless payment and NFC
“The ingenuity of the Multicard system is the option of being able to run practically unlimited new and independent applications on one card.” Mr Austin, President of Multicard Australia said.

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