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Commercial shade sails from Mulders offer UV protection for staff and customers
09.03.2010 - Commercial shade sails from Mulders offer UV protection for staff and customers and are available in a range of designs and colours to add style and value to the areas they cover.
Industrial covers from Mulders
13.08.2009 - Custom made Industrial Covers are durable, UV and tear resistant and waterproof. Designed for industrial use our quality workmanship ensures longevity in outdoor applications.
Custom piano and instrument covers from Mulders
31.07.2009 - Custom piano and instrument covers can be made to fit most types and models. From grand pianos to harps, quality fittings and superb fit means all our covers meet performance standards.
mulders discuss ways to avoid DIY pitfalls while installing shade sails
22.05.2009 - mulders discuss common pitfalls to avoid when installing a shade sail at home. A DIY approach can save money by avoiding installation costs. A shade sail supported by posts is essentially a small cons
Sandpit covers available from mulders provide protection and stops fungal build up
21.05.2009 - Sandpits provide hours of fun for children but they need to be safe. mulders durable sandpit covers keep animals and leaves out. mulders ship sandpit covers to schools, childcare centres and parents all over Australia.
Sandpit covers available from mulders
04.05.2009 - mulders sandpit covers are safe and keep animals out. mulders ship sandpit covers to schools, childcare centres and parents. Custom-designed to fit customers’ sandpit, each sandpit cover provides protection and stops fungal build-up by allowing air t
mulders two pole floating shade sail structure helps to save favourite garden beds
17.04.2009 - mulders’ two pole shade sail structure keeps disruption to favourite flower beds or costly foundations to a minimum. Using only two supporting posts, instead of the traditional four, sail floats over garden or deck areas.
mulders supply shade screens for buildings to protect from sun rays
06.03.2009 - A creative shade sail solution was required to provide maximum shade cover and complement the building’s colour tones.
mulders design waterproof tarp for John Holland construction projects
19.01.2009 - Keeping industrial works dry and covered is a critical issue for construction projects. mulders supplied a 15m wide waterproof tarp to cover a series of super sized shaft holes.
Colourful waterproof PVC shade sails available from mulders
13.01.2009 - Tension membranes give better outdoor shade cover and are available from mulders in a multitude of colours and design configurations.
Camberwell Grammar use floating shade sail from mulders
05.12.2008 - Camberwell Grammar in Melbourne needed a shade sail for their outdoor courtyard. Camberwell Grammar have selected mulders as their supplier for 'floating' shade sail for their outdoor courtyard.
Control heat and light with Mulders' shade blinds
14.11.2008 - Customers can chose their own level of light control suitable for their house with shade or blockout blinds available from Mulders. Blinds from Mulders are manufactured using the quality blind components and offering the latest European materials.
Mulders re-launch Saddlery website
10.11.2008 - Mulders, the Melbourne based canvas manufacturers, have re-launched their online Saddlery website. Mulders’ established equestrian business, trades under the Mulders Saddlery brand. The new look website now takes online orders and has over 1,000 eque
Shade sails available from Mulders
24.10.2008 - From beige to bright yellow, Mulders shade sails come in a variety of colours. With over 20 colours available, Mulders can supply a high visible shade sail or one that will blend in with the surroundings.
Tips from Mulders for saving money on shade sail installation
13.10.2008 - Mulders suggest steps on how customers can save money on shade sail installations. A smart Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach can save customers money by avoiding specialist installation costs.
Custom made bags available from Mulders
23.09.2008 - Mulders have introduced a series of custom made outsized PVC holdall bags to ease the burden of carrying unwieldy hockey equipment.
PVC waterproof shade sails available from mulders
08.09.2008 - Shade structures or shade sails, available from mulders, can help turn outdoor terraces into comfortable entertaining spaces during summer. By installing waterproof shade sails, usage can also be extended to spring and autumn periods.
Mulders introduces retractable awning
05.08.2008 - Mulders has introduced a new retractable awning which is hidden away in a contemporary, low profile box once retracted. The new design has a cassette top box which fully encloses the awning’s roller, fabric, arms and motor.
Canvas screens, walls and partitions from Mulders
07.07.2008 - Mulders Canvas and Tarp Division has been supplying custom made canvas screens, walls and partitions for over 80 years.
Mulders’ shade sail solutions for Maroondah Hospital
13.06.2008 - Maroondah Hospital in Melbourne needed shade sails for a new outdoor courtyard. Mulders has an innovative floating shade sail design and was selected as the shade sail supplier.
Canvas and PVC Cap Tarps from mulders
29.05.2008 - These Cap Tarps or Tarpaulins are suitable for semi trailers and open trailers as they offer multipurpose use and allowances for higher loads.
mulders’ sandpit covers for irregular shaped sandpits and sand play areas
14.05.2008 - Sand play areas are often designed in imaginative shapes and sizes to encourage creative play. mulders custom makes protective sandpit covers to exactly fit irregular shaped sandpits and sand play areas.
Custom made machine covers from GV Mulder
28.04.2008 - Custom made machine covers are just a few of the industrial canvas products manufactured by GV Mulder.
Monash University uses GV Mulder’s shade sails
17.03.2008 - Monash University in Melbourne needed shade sails for a new outdoor terrace area. GV Mulder was selected as the shade sail supplier.
GV Mulder introduces custom designed heat tents
03.03.2008 - A custom designed heat tent was produced by GV Mulder to help athletes train for events in hot humid climates.
Sunscreen blinds available from GV Mulder
08.02.2008 - GV Mulder’s shade blinds or sunscreens are transparent blinds which let in natural light but blockout the sun’s glare and UV.
Range of blinds available from GV Mulder
07.01.2008 - Mulders sunscreen blinds let in natural light but blockout the sun's glare and UV.
Caulfield Racecourse uses GV Mulder’s sail shades
19.11.2007 - Caulfield Racecourse needed to shade a large outside dining area during the recent Caulfield Cup.
Privacy screens available from GV Mulder
26.10.2007 - Traditional or metal privacy screens can often be too restrictive for usually shaped or compact situations. Custom fabric screens offer more design flexibility and can also be a perfect screening solution.
Retractable awnings available from Mulder
28.09.2007 - Mulder’s retractable awnings can significantly increase your living area by providing extra shade.
GV Mulder introduces colourful shade sails
24.09.2007 - Mulders has a new free standing shade sail structure called the Eclipse designed specially for child care centres. This new design has the traditional streamlined look of a sail shade but uses only two supporting poles instead of four.
Eclipse shade sails available from GV Mulder
24.08.2007 - Mulder, an established Malvern based manufacturer of sail shades, has developed an innovative free standing shade sail structure for car wash businesses or parking areas.
Mulders bistro blinds available
23.07.2007 - Even in bad weather, you can take still advantage of outdoor spaces if they are enclosed with Mulders bistro blinds.
GV Mulder designs a series of PVC waterproof shade sails
26.06.2007 - Mulder PVC waterproof shade sails can turn a decked area or terrace, garage or patio into a functional, outdoor room.
Mulders Shade Sails unveils Mulders DIY bistro blinds
04.06.2007 - Straightforward to install, Mulders DIY bistro blinds can be fixed over decked areas, terraces, garages or patios. Once installed they can turn these outdoor areas into functional, cosy outdoor rooms.
Mulders Shade offers a new range of sandpit covers for pre schools and kindergartens
26.09.2006 - Mulders Shade has a new range of sandpit covers for pre schools and kindergartens, which are designed to keep animals out.
Mulders designs new piano covers
19.09.2006 - Liquids, scratches, direct sunlight or simply books placed on the top of an expensive piano can harm its finish
Keeping cool with shade sails
14.07.2006 - When sunlight enters a room, it can deliver an enormous amount of unwanted heat. Correctly positioned shade sails and shade screens can block out up to 95% of the suns rays improving energy efficiency and reducing air-conditioning bills.
Prominent supplier of canvas products
07.07.2006 - Mulders Canvas and Tarp Division have been supplying canvas products like tarpaulins, awnings and truck curtains for over 80 years. Mail bags, builders tarps, mail bags, outdoor covers, boat covers, horse rugs and swags are just a few of the industri
Shade sails provide cool cover
16.01.2006 - DURING hot days, many outdoor entertaining or recreation areas become largely unusable for critical parts of the day. Sail shades can solve this problem by creating an inviting, cool outdoor space. GV Mulders provides a complete shade solution to ens
Sail shades screen apartment
10.11.2005 - PRIVACY screens often play an important part in the urban landscape. For windows, a simple elegant flat privacy screen made of shade sail cloth can screen views making high-density living more bearable. For overlooked spaces, an architecturally desig
DIY sail shades for the backyard builder
22.09.2005 - SAIL shades are a common sight in Australian back yards where householders are only too aware of the harmful effect of UV radiation and the need for sun relief. A simple sailcloth sail shade fixed over barbecue or outdoor terraces can reduce up to 90
‘Floating’ sail car shade
23.08.2005 - EVERY car needs a home of its own. An architecturally designed sail shade can be an elegant alternative to the traditional garage or carport. GV Mulder Aust Pty Ltd, a long established Victorian manufacturer of sail shades, has developed a new innova
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