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mulders two pole floating shade sail structure helps to save favourite garden beds

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mulders ’ two pole shade sail structure keeps disruption to favourite flower beds or costly foundations to a minimum. Using only two supporting posts, instead of the traditional four, sail floats over garden or deck areas. Less posts means less need to dig disruptive footings plus less obstruction for homeowners wanting to make the most of their outdoor space.

For concrete surfaces which are sufficiently re-inforced, no holes need to be dug, the sail’s special footing plate can be fixed directly to drilled holes in the concrete. This type of fixing is suitable for swimming pools or parking spaces with concrete surrounds. Less intrusive than a standard shade sail, mulders free standing design is suitable for gardens and deck areas as well.

The sail uses a central cross-piece supporting structure fixed on just two opposite corners of the sail. The sail floats over nearby walls making it easy to position. There is no need to use a weight bearing fixing on a roof or external wall, placing no stress on existing structures. For solid construction and durable tensioning, each supporting post had a large diameter.

A correctly positioned shade sail can block out up to 95% of the suns rays and cut heat levels down. mulders use high quality shade membranes which are UV resistant, able to provide superb protection from sun and wind. Sails can also be waterproof doubling up as a winter canopy. Supporting posts are made from hot dipped galvanised steel, resistant to rain, salt corrosion and rust. These creative shade sail solutions provide maximum shade cover and colours can be selected to complement the surroundings.

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