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Sail shades screen apartment

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article image Sail shades can provide privacy to apartment living.

PRIVACY screens often play an important part in the urban landscape. For windows, a simple elegant flat privacy screen made of shade sail cloth can screen views making high-density living more bearable.

For overlooked spaces, an architecturally designed series of overlapping shade sails can be an elegant, almost sculptural screening alternative to the traditional fence or wall barrier.

Few of us want to live under a microscope and screening views of a neighbour’s back yard, pool or nearby windows makes for harmonious living. With the increasing subdivision of housing sites for building new apartment blocks, privacy is at risk in many built up areas.

Any hotel or restaurant owner will know that an unsightly view like a neighbouring building site or built up area can quickly ruin the carefully planned ambience of their outdoor dining area. Carefully designed sail shades can hide customers from the prying eyes of passers-by whilst offering up to 95% shade cover.

Easily relocatable as shade and privacy needs change, these sails also offer a less permanent fixture than a hard standing wall or fence structure.

GV Mulders , a long established Malvern based manufacturer of sail shades, has developed shade and privacy solutions for several new housing developments, local restaurants and hotels to meet the proprietors’ requirement for shade and privacy.

These tension membranes are becoming increasingly regarded as a graceful modern extension of new housing and outside entertaining architecture. The overall appearance is of a lightweight stylish sail structure, which gives a high level of privacy and shade where it is needed.

Sail shades or screens can be made in a choice of high quality shade cloths, architectural grade polyester mesh and solid PVCs. These materials withstand wind, sun and rain. UV ray resistant materials provide superb protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

Mulder’s onsite factory supports a rapid quote and supply process, recognising the urgency of most building and DIY projects.

The company has made shade and shelter products since the 1930s and is recognised widely in the industry for i’s expertise in shade sail design and fabrication.

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