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GV Mulder introduces colourful shade sails

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Colourful shade sails often seen in child care centres provide good shade cover. Like any structural design, however, supporting posts or poles can be an obstacle to young children playing. 

GV Mulder has a new free standing shade sail structure called the Eclipse designed specially for child care centres. This new design has the traditional streamlined look of a sail shade but uses only two supporting poles instead of four.

This halving of pole numbers makes the shade sail less intrusive. Dodging pools becomes less of a problem. Minimised risk of collisions is a practical consideration for child care centres, multiple car parking spaces and pools.

Another advantage of this modified design is the need for only two foundation holes instead of four. Construction costs are reduced and disruption to costly foundations minimised. Many open spaces have surrounds made of sufficiently deep reinforced concrete. In these situations, a hole can simply be drilled and the fixings secured directly to the concrete.

The Eclipse has a central cross-piece supporting structure fixed on just two opposite corners of the sail. The sail floats over nearby walls making it easy to position. There is no need to use a weight bearing fixing on a roof or external wall, placing no stress on existing structures. Commercial premises can easily take the complete structure with them if they re-locate.

A variety of designs are available using rectangular or square configurations. The overall structure is made from hot dipped galvanized steel which is resistant to rain, salt corrosion and rust. The design is also engineer certified. The sails themselves can be made in a choice of high quality shade cloths, architectural grade polyester mesh and solid PVC’s. These materials withstand wind, sun and rain. UV ray resistant materials provide protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

Mulders is a long established manufacturer of shade sails, sandpit covers and other canvas products. Mulders has a Melbourne based showroom and a comprehensive on-line

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