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Different types of nailers from MS Tools

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MS Tools  provides different types of nailers such a palm nailers, micro pinner, C1 brad nailer, coil nailer and many more. The palm nailers are well designed for comfortable operation. It is ideal for corner operation. The palm nailer does not make much noise and low air consumption.

The palm nailer from MS Tools is durable as it can be used for total metal housing to withstand jobsite abuse. It is suitable for bulk nails with a maximum length of 120mm. These palm nailers can also be used for various applications such as floor wood, corner operation and cabinet making.

Palm nailers can be used with bulk nails for driving into decks, fencing or hard-to-reach spots in framing. MS Tools provides micro pinner that features with as rubber wrapped handle, which is comfortable for use. The micro pinner has an easy to operate open latch for more comfortable loading. It is 360 degree adjustable exhaust deflector and it keeps driving power automatically. It is made using hard alloy steel for longer life.

The micro pinner from MS Tools can be applied as headless pins, and it is ideal for decoration works. MS Tools also provides C1 brad mailer, made with light die cast aluminium body and a rubber wrapped holder for comfortable use. It is suitable for application in binding plywood of upholstering, furniture manufacturing and wooden packing.

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