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Motordrives Australia now supply a range of worm gearboxes

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Motordrives Australia introduces their new range of Transtecno worm gearboxes to the Australian market. Worm gearboxes are available in a number of sizes and ratios, starting from size 025,030,040,050,063,75,090,105,110,130 in all ratios up to 10,000 to one. Sizes 025-105 have alloy casings and sizes 110-130 are in grey cast iron.

Worm gearboxes offer the following features:

  • Worm gearboxes are coated with expoxy grey/silver paint and have long life lubricant
  • The Trastecno range of worm gearboxes has the added bonus of 3 service plugs for future service if it is required
  • The worm gearbox range can be mounted in any position
  • Motordrives Australia provide  3 cad drawings on line 24 hours a day to customers
  • The range of worm gearboxes also offers special combinations such as high ratios up to 3000 to one in very small gearboxes
Motordrives has a large stock holding of the Transtecno worm gearboxes and advise the maximum delivery time if they are out of any items is 5 weeks due to advanced Transtecno supply system . Motordrives Australia can also airfreight urgent goods from head office in Italy to Australia with in 7 days .

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