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SIY PC programmable signal isolator/converter available from Moore Industries-Pacific

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Available from Moore Industries-Pacific , the SIY PC programmable signal Isolator/converter unites smart digital technology with advanced analog operation, delivering reliability, accuracy, and ease of use.

These SIY programmable signal isolators are capable of accepting a range of current or voltage inputs and will output an isolated, proportional, 4-20mA signal.

These 2-wire loop-powered transmitters can be programmed to manage a wide range of important signal interface applications within seconds. These include:

  • Isolate Signals – Stopping erratic process measurements produced by ground loops
  • Convert Signals – Enabling field instruments to interface directly with an indicator, recorder, DCS, PLC, or PC-based SCADA system
  • Divert Signals – Enabling the output from one transmitter to be transmitted to two separate locations
  • Protect Equipment and Signals – By eliminating common electrical paths
  • Boost Signals – Ensuring more instruments can be added to an overburdened loop
  • Solve “Bucking Power Supplies” - By preventing conflict caused by 4-wire transmitters and DCS as both try to power the same process loop

SIY PC programmable signal isolator/converters have a range of features including:

  • Wide range of signal input choices
  • Fast measurement cycle
  • Input/output opto isolation
  • RFI/EMI protection
  • Enhanced configuration software

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