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Moore releases whitepaper on intrinsically safe applications for Yokogawa control systems

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article image ROUTE-MASTER fieldbus system

Moore Industries-Pacific announces a new white paper highlighting the use of Moore Hawke’s ROUTE-MASTER fieldbus system in Intrinsically-Safe (I.S.) applications for Yokogawa control systems. Moore Hawke is a division of Moore Industries-International, Inc.

Available for download on the Moore Industries-International website, the white paper addresses FISCO or Entity devices located in Class I, Division 1 or Zone 0/1 locations. ROUTE-MASTER is a recommended option by Yokogawa to power I.S. fieldbus segments.

The patented split architecture of the ROUTE-MASTER system makes available for each segment, two trunks at 350mA, the highest segment current to any I.S. FOUNDATION fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA system. This allows up to 16 fieldbus devices to be powered by each trunk. Special plug-to-plug connections designed for Yokogawa host systems allow for reduced wiring and easier commissioning.

The ROUTE-MASTER device couplers have I.S. rated spur connections that allow technicians to perform live work in hazardous areas including Zone 0 IIC or Class I Div 1 Groups ABCD.

ROUTE-MASTER couplers also feature Automatic Segment Termination, which eliminates common problems such as over- and under-termination while ensuring that local parts of a segment remain functioning if remote parts are accidentally disconnected. A ‘Fold-Back’ technique also provides automatic and fully auto-resetting spur short-circuit protection to prevent segment failure caused by single device faults.

The ‘Intrinsically-Safe Fieldbus Applications for Yokogawa Control Systems’ white paper gives end users a clear understanding of the competitive advantages of the ROUTE-MASTER system and provides useful installation information and real-world examples of its use in I.S. applications.

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