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Moore Industries wins Safety Award for interface modules

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article image Moore Industries’ SSX and SST safety isolators and splitters

Moore Industries-Pacific announces that their SSX and SST safety isolators and splitters have received the 2014 Safety Award for Interface Modules from exida, the global leader in functional safety certification for process industries.

The SSX/SST family is one of three products to receive the exida recognition, which highlights products that bring innovation to the concept of functional safety.

exida Principal Partner Dr William Goble explains that the Moore Industries-International design team has created a product that meets the requirements of IEC 61508 and the expanded exida certification scheme. He adds that the SSX/SST Safety Series isolator and splitter provide versatile functionality to serve the different needs of engineers working on safety function design.

Providing reliable isolation and signal conversion for loops in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), the two-wire (loop powered) SSX and four-wire (line/mains powered) SST have the ability to pass valuable HART data from field transmitters to host systems, and vice-versa. The four-wire SST splitter takes the input from one process signal and creates two identical, isolated outputs that can go to two different monitoring or control devices. It can also serve as a HART splitter to pass HART data to one or both independent outputs.

The SSX and SST are approved by exida for use in a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) up to SIL 3 in monitor mode where only the input circuit is part of the safety function, or for single use in an SIS up to SIL 2. They are part of Moore Industries’ FS Functional Safety Series, the company’s growing line of safety-related instrumentation certified by exida to be in compliance with IEC 61508, the leading worldwide functional safety standard. Products in the FS Functional Safety Series also include the SIL 3-capable STA safety trip alarm and the SIL 2-capable SRM safety relay module.

In addition to the exida-certified products in the FS Functional Safety Series, several Moore Industries products used in safety-related applications have detailed FMEDA reports available.

Scott Saunders, President and CEO of Moore Industries-International, Inc. comments that the company builds their safety-related products from the ground up in accordance with IEC 61508 standards, providing assurance to end users that these products meet rigorous testing, review and design standards that will ensure their performance when expected and as demanded.

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