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FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA device couplers and power supplies from MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries-International, deliver a fast and easy way to connect, protect, power and terminate multiple fieldbus devices in FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA segments.

Maintaining communications between field devices and a Distributed Control System is critical in order to avoid costly and potentially dangerous shutdown and work stoppages. The MooreHawke line of fault-tolerant FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA systems deliver a way to maintain operational consistency if problems occur.

TRUNKSAFE TS Series Fault- Tolerant Fieldbus Systems are a cost-effective and reliable strategy

Facilitates continuous communication between field devices and a DCS when open or short circuits fail

  • Includes two redundant DC Fieldbus power conditioners
  • 6 -spur or 12- spur Fieldbus device coupler
  • Fully compatible with FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA networks
  • Allows all process and diagnostic communications to continue even when a broken or shorted network cable happens
The TRUNKGUARD series of products help simplify the process of connecting multiple fieldbus devices and fieldbus trunks in across PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION fieldbus networks. It is the first line of products to offer automatic segment termination, as our fieldbus segment protectors prevent fieldbus segment failures caused by over-termination or under-termination. Even if remote parts of a network are automatically disconnected, the auto-termination feature ensures that they local parts of the fieldbus segment will continue to work.

TRUNKGUARD fieldbus power supplies give isolated, conditioned power to up to four FOUNDATION fieldbus segment. They also protect against short circuits cause by an excess current in a spur by immediately switching to a nominal trickle-level rather than limiting the fault to a fixed and higher level. Moore Industries-Pacific information and contact details

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17/03/10 - Available from Moore Industries-Pacific, SPURBARRIER (SB Series) fieldbus device couplers’ function is to connect intrinsically-safe fieldbus devices to a non-intrinsically-safe (Ex e) trunk.
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19/10/09 - The TRUNKSAFE TS200 Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System from MooreHawke, the fieldbus division of Moore Industries, has received three major certifications through Factory Mutual (FM).
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